Life Science Investigation Update: Week 3

The late afternoon sun fails to reach my beans.

Week 3 of my Life Science investigation has brought about little change or growth in my beans plants. While this is extremely frustrating, there is also little I can do without disturbing the integrity of the experiment. Moving the plants this late into the investigation would compromise my results by adding a new variable into the equation: a change of location.

That being said, it is clear that the location I have selected is not ideal. I took this photo this afternoon at 1:30 pm. One would assume that the intensive afternoon sunlight would be beneficial for plants of any kind to grow. However, as this visual evidence suggests, my plants are not receiving this essential sunlight. While I chose to only study different soil depths, my results through the first 3 weeks indicate that there is more to the story playing out here than just the soil depths.

I did some additional research and looked into the white fungus growing on two of my plants. It turns out, this fungus grows in wet soil. Combining this knowledge with my most recent observation of the lack of sunlight reaching my plants, I believe that my soil is too wet for my beans to grow. I will continue to monitor my plants and post a final report next week!


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