My Time Away Through the Lens of a Camera

One of my countless instance of indulgence in Boulder’s exquisite ethnic food. (Pictured: Indian ┬áChana Masala)
More indulgence. (Pictured: Falafel, Hummus, and Cucumber Salad.)
The Denver Zoo has held their annual “Zoo Lights” fundraiser. We visited the normally more tropically-fond flamingos during our visit this year.
One of the only animal exhibits open during the Zoo Lights this year. This particular Asian elephant, Kimbo, recently moved into her new exhibit in the fall.
After enduring straining my eyes scouring the Rocky’s in search of endemic Big Horn Sheep on our way to Loveland Ski Area, this female greeted us in the most unusual of locations: the Starbucks Parking Lot.
My family spent Christmas Day on the ski slopes. (Pictured: Loveland Ski Area)
During the warmer days I spent a lot of my time cruising the local trails on my bike.
Boulder’s famous Flatirons.
A gorgeous view from the passengers seat (Emphasis added by the author) on our way up to Loveland during our second skiing trip.
A closer view of the Flatirons.
The first big snow covered the Front Range thanks to the Polar Vortex.
Yes. There is a book to accompany the infamous song. (If you’re wondering, the prose was lacking in my opinion. And I still do not know what the fox says.)
The most important articles of clothing in my suitcases: my teacher socks. The vast majority of these socks were given to me by my students at the end of my language arts methods placement in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As my cooperating teacher put it, “We (My former students) will be with you every step of the way.”
A final farewell to the mountains. The end of a chapter.
A final farewell to the mountains. The end of a chapter.
The next chapter.


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