Fulbright Update: Onto the Next Stage!

What a week! Although the temperature outside my apartments dropped as low as -17 degrees below zero without a windchill factor, I couldn’t have been happier. Yesterday I received word from the Fulbright committee that my application to teach english in Malaysia had been approved and passed onto the higher ups for final approval.

While this does not mean that I have been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, it is an enormous first step in the right direction. To even make it past the first round of cuts is an absolute honor and a tribute to Coe College and the group of faculty and staff who helped me prepare my application. My personal success, regardless how far I make it in the process, is dedicated to them.

(For those new readers who may be unfamiliar with the Fulbright Scholarship in general or want a brief review of my personal connection with Malaysia, check out my previous post.)

This news comes during an exciting time in my student teaching career as well. As the weeks progress, I am assuming more and more responsibility in my 3rd Grade classroom at Andrew Jackson Language Academy. All of this build up, of course, will culminate in late March when I assume full responsibility of my classroom. What an exciting time!

Naturally, I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop in all facets of my life. Hopefully I will relay some more exciting news with respects to the Fulbright Scholarship in the near future!

One step closer to my ultimate goal: 11 months teaching English in Malaysia!
One step closer to my ultimate goal: 11 months teaching English in Malaysia! (Via: Google)

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