More World Cup Hype: Kits Through the Ages

If you haven’t had the chance to read my pervious post regarding the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, you are missing out of some remarkable artwork. I’ll give you a few minutes to check it out.




Excited for the World Cup yet? If you still are hesitant to fully immerse yourself into this global spectacle, spend some time exploring the Guardian’s latest interactive feature: World Cup kits through the ages. While I find the actual gameplay on the field to be absolutely beautiful, I am also drawn to the uniforms. These uniform combinations, known worldwide as “kits,” are much more than shirts and shorts.

A nation’s kit is a visual representation of their collective history; the colors and patterns can often be traced back for centuries. In the same way the average American intensely identifies with the Stars and Stripes, so too do the Azzurri (Italian National Team), the Black Stars (Ghanaian National Team), and El Tri (Mexican National Team).

If you understand the realities of our increasing connectedness as a species, or are an avid soccer fan who cannot wait for the World Cup to begin, or are simply drawn to the aesthetics of colors, check out the Guardian’s post.


If you’re left wanting more World Cup and/or the Guardian, check out the paper’s list of the Top 100 Footballers of All Time.

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