Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park (A Photo Journey)

Glacier Basin Campsite A030.
Glacier Basin Campsite A030.
RMNP Range 1
Not a bad morning view from the campsite. An unimpeded view of the back range.
Bear Lake 1
Bear Lake on a beautifully clear morning.
RMNP Range 3
Looking down on our trek to Bierstadt Lake.
Brianna and Snow
They clearly don’t see June snow too often in Iowa.
Max and RMNP Range 1
An incredible morning for a hike!
RMNP Hike 1
Climbing down through the aspen groves after completing our hike.
Brianna by Sprague Lake
Brianna in front of Sprague Lake. The clouds are covering the back range of Rocky Mountain National Park (Pictured earlier).
Elk 1
On our hike back to the campsite from Sprague Lake, we stumbled upon this female elk. She was unimpressed with our presence and continued to eat for a few more minutes.
Max and Brianna RMNP
Cheesy tourist trap + Cliche idea = Awkwardly posed photo

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