Summer Fun at the Denver Zoo

Founded in 1896, the Denver Zoo is one of the most visited attractions in Colorado. This 80-acre facility has recently undergone enormous renovation projects, updating its previously unimpressive African predator and Elephant exhibits. The new renovations, Predator Ridge and the Toyota Elephant Passage, are absolutely spectacular and provide space for the animals to roam.

During my recent visit, I spent nearly the entire day exploring the different exhibits. I found that the varying animal behaviors in their exhibits offered insights into their day-to-day lives at the zoo. Some of the smaller species seemed content in their pens, while the much larger predators seemed frustrated by the confines of their cages. Overall, I enjoyed my visit and could have spent more time wandering the grounds.

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. This African bird roams on land more than they fly.
An absolutely enormous anaconda.
Bactrian Camel
Bactrian Camel. This double-humped species only accounts for 10% of the world’s total camel population. The vast majority of camels possess only one hump.
Bald Eagles
I waited a few minutes for this Bald Eagle to turn his head.
An iconic Chameleon.
This female Cheetah was eager to investigate our arrival late in the day.
Clownfish and their lifelong partners, the sea anemone.
Dall's Sheep
Dall’s sheep
Dromedary Camel
Dromedary Camel. This single-hump breed of camel is the most popular on the planet, accounting for close to 90% of the world’s total.
East African Crowned Crane 1
An elegant East African Crowned Crane.
An elegant flamenco. These birds were surprisingly feisty when I was photographing them, often jousting with each other.
One of the more popular stopping points at the Denver Zoo is the Giraffe exhibit.
Golden Lion Tamarin
An illusive Golden Lion Tamarin. This little guy was flying all over the place. I was lucky to catch him during a rare second of stillness.
Green Tree Pythons
There must have been at least four of these Green Tree Pythons hanging out in a single tree. Each python’s skin coloration changes as they age.
Golden Lion Tamarins
After climbing all over their exhibit, these two Golden Lion Tamarins relaxed in the sun.
Grooming Monkies
White-Cheeked Gibbons grooming one another in the Toyota Elephant Passage.
The zoo’s hippopotamus relaxed almost all day in his pool during our visit.
Howler Monekys
I managed to capture these two Howler Monkeys during a moment of silence.
Humbolt Penguin
This African Black-Footed Penguin was more interested in the crowd of people than the zookeeper and her fish bucket.
The Red Kangaroos is largest living marsupial. These fellas “box” each other for breeding rights.
Komodo Dragon 1
One of the zoo’s two Komodo Dragons rests in the sun.
Kimono Dragon 2
Another look at the sunbathing Komodo Dragon. (This photo does not accurately portray the enormity of this reptile. Komodo Dragons are the world’s largest living reptiles.)
Lion Fish
A beautiful yet deadly Lion Fish.
A female lion, or lioness, rests in the shade. In the minutes after I took this photo, she attempted to catch an unsuspecting bird that landed on the log behind her.
Monkey 4
The mustache monkey, more formally known as the Emperor Tamarin.
These Indian Peafowls roam freely at the Denver Zoo. We were unable to find a male. This female does not possess the iconic feather plume that males do.
Polar Bear
This Polar Bear was highly active during our visit, wandering in and out of the water.
Przewalski Wild Horse
The Przewalski Wild Horse is thought to be the only remaining wild horse breed in the world. They roam the plains of Mongolia.
Rainbow Lory 2
A cautious Rainbow Lory attempts to hide behind a branch.
Rainbow Lory
A more curious Rainbow Lory, lured by food, carefully investigates.
Red Panda
One of the zoo’s two Red Pandas. Both were sound asleep when we visited their exhibit.
Rhino 1
Look at that Rhino’s body armor!
Rhinoceros Hornbill
This Rhinoceros Hornbill is a new addition to the zoo. He was still very unfamiliar and uneasy with his surroundings, restlessly roaming around his cage.
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
A female Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep blends into her faux natural environment.
Snow Leopard
This Snow Leopard seemed uninterested in the countless number of visitors surrounding his indoor exhibit.
Sumatran Orangutan 1
This very social Sumatran Orangutan was interacting with the zookeeper.
Walter the Pelican 1
Walter the Pelican, who at 30 years old is almost twice the age of most pelicans, lives at the zoo due to an injured wing. He is fed twice a day, to the delight of the crowd, by the zookeeper.
Western Lowland Gorilla 3
This Western Lowland Gorilla was visibly upset at the zookeeper during our visit. His mannerisms were similar to those of humans: pouting and throwing minor temper tantrums.
A lone Zebra rests in her exhibit.
Monkey 5
A monkey hangs our in his/her cage. (I cannot recall the specific species.)
A young male Kudu.



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