Free Resource Friday: Strategies to Support English Language Learners

  1. Speak slower, not louder.
  2. Provide outlines, advanced organizer, or visual guides.
  3. Write down key terms on the board.
  4. Integrate games.
  5. Read written instructions. Repeat.
  6. Write key concept vocabulary on a Word Wall.
  7. Integrate listening centers.
  8. Model new skills.
  9. Extend test time.
  10. Don’t rescue ELLs when they try to speak – smile, relax your feet, face, and hands, and wait (it’s hard to be tense when those body parts are loose).
  11. Think-pair-share.
  12. Let students use their home language in the classroom to solve work.
  13. Use pictures, sketches, and graphic organizers.
  14. Make videos or presentations for ELLs to replay if needed.
  15. Liberally use checks for understanding.
  16. Pair up ELLs with strong oral and written English skills.
  17. Share a picture glossary.
  18. Teach with cooperative learning.
  19. Provide opportunities for low-stakes writing.

Link to Reproducible: Strategies to Support English Language Learners

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