Free Resource Friday: Seven Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have

  1. Discovery Zone
    • Displays examples
    • Provides a central focus
    • Students record observations
    • Students use the recorded data
    • Supplies: Arts & crafts materials, books & magazines, cameras & video cameras, games, puzzles, instruments.
  2. News Zone
    • Display learning target
    • Display class-work prompts
    • Display homework
    • Supplies: Assignments, calendars, community news, holidays, birthdays, events, weather, world news.
  3. Supplies Zone
    • Share reference materials
    • Creates a hub for student work
    • Provides a place for lost & found items
    • Supplies: Paper, pencils, pens, markers, scissors, sharpeners, glue, etc.
  4. Community Zone
    • Evaluate progress
    • Clarify &/or correct misconceptions
    • Take notes
    • Plan ahead
    • Provides a place for student empowerment
    • Essential Skills: Ask questions, make connections, discuss, listen, present, reflect, share, collaborate, etc. 
  5. Quiet Zone
    • Separate chairs & tables
    • Establish a “library quiet” expectation
    • Essential Skills: Independent time, make-up work, reading, reflecting, testing, writing, etc.
  6. Teacher Zone
    • Defined professional space
    • For teachers & other adult visitors
    • Supplies: Files, folders, calendars, photos, references, etc. 
  7. Subject Zone
    • Provides examples and resources for connecting subjects
    • Adds visuals
    • Provides context for new vocabulary
    • Supplies: Anchor charts, flashcards, games, notes, manipulatives, resources, timelines, etc.


Link to Reproducible: edutopia-lopez-7classroom-learning-zones


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