Opening the Classroom to the World…via Skype

We live in an increasingly connected world. Advances in technology allow business in different hemispheres to exchange thoughts and ideas. Social media provides a truly global platform for individuals to express themselves to the world. But what about the field education? What about the classroom? How can technology and education collaborate to promote global citizenship?

Skype in the Classroom may be the place to start. While Skype has been promoting its use in classrooms for some time, their newest feature encourages teachers to shift their perspective and take a global approach to Skyping. Skype’s new real-time translation tools allow for students to communicate with one another regardless of a language barrier. Imagine the possibilities! Students from across the world will now be able to learn from one another. Imagine the happiness! Imagine the learning!

While this technology is still growing, the implications are incredible positive. Take a look at the video above to see this new feature in action.


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