First Semester Gallery Walk: Teaching at SMK Badak

One of the many murals that adorn the walls of SMK Badak. This one greets me every morning when I park my car.
Our daily morning assemblies literally coincide with the sunrise.
Delivering an impassioned speech during our first English day.
Morning ritual: breakfast in the canteen with my friends!
From the very beginning, the teachers and students of SMK Badak have welcomed me into their school community. This photograph was from my third day on campus.
Getting the students involved during my 1UO class.
Partner work in 2UO.
A student from my 2UO class writing a postcard to their friend. I even made the cut! (Refer to handsome stick figure in the lower right hand corner)
Encouraging my students to speak English by playing charades. I love tricking my students into thinking they are not learning. That is when the most learning occurs!
Public speaking practice in 2UO. Students delivered their “I Wonder…” statements modeled after a poem we read as a class. #IWonderWhyMrMaxForcesMeToSpeakEnglish?
Teaching action verbs in 2UO with a little game of “Mr. Max Says…” (Pictured: Mr. Max Says…ride your motorcycle.)
A game of English Telephone always guarantees a few burst of laughter.
I had to take a whole-class picture after meeting my 4UO students for the first time. Things got a little weird during our “Freestyle” session.
My ‪Form 4‬ students absolutely crushed the ‪”Conversation Cards.” I introduced the game, sat back, and watched them steal the show. (However, they do still need some work when it comes to throwing and catching a frisbee, but I can work with that!)
I asked my students to brainstorm problems they felt passionate about solving and then had them create their own superhero to solve the issue. One of my 4UO students working on his superhero to combat terrorism in Malaysia.
My 4UA students working on generating smaller words from the base word “Computerized.” Small group work to bolster spelling and vocabulary!
Working in pairs, my 4UA students scoured English newspapers for comparative adjectives and superlatives. They really enjoyed the activity and I was able to catch up on current events in Malaysia. Double win!
Making things awkward during my 4UA class photo.
In Malaysia, we always have time for selfies.
Shout out to my assigned student photographers for capturing this moment during my daily “Conversation Corner.” I trapped these unsuspecting Form 2 students in a courtyard and would let them leave until they spoke to me in English. Sometimes you need to use force to get results. Eventually, they caved and answered my questions, in English.
My bulletin board was racking up the “likes” during afternoon prayer.
During my first after school speaking workshop I had my 4UO students take my housemate Matt on a tour of our school. Again, tricking students into thinking they aren’t learning leads to more authentic forms of learning!
Even though I am not allowed to teach any Form 5 classes this year, I still managed to sneak into 5UO and snap some pictures. We also sang the Moose Song 3 consecutive times.
Life at SMK Badak summed up into one picture: peace, love, and undeniable happiness.



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